A New Beginning

To start off I would like to say hello and welcome to Hinton Art Culture. My vision originally started with Blogger by Google but I wanted something more. I wanted something professional and new.

Ever since I was a kid I have been surrounded by art. My parents took my siblings and I to museums, art galleries, the movies and music performances. When I was by myself I would make crafts, paint pictures, draw and create something I imagined in my head. From them I honed my art skills through high school where my art transformed into complex and detailed works of art. I then gained happiness and comfort from my designs which gave me a chance to speak without uttering a word to anyone.

As a mature student studying art history, art itself has transformed into valuable objects that have the power to tell a story and educate the viewer standing before it. Not only is it a tool used to educate society but it also helps gain a sense of culture and an understanding of the world they live in. Without the beauty and grace of art the world would be a dark and dull place to be.

My mandate is to educate you on works of art of the past and present using present day culture as a tool to help see art in a new way. I want to preserve the importance of art in present day culture but without the “art world” stigma. I want to take down the current view on art and rebuild it so all genres of art can be appreciated. Art today is seen as a status symbol and financial symbol and I want to take that away.

Hope you enjoy.




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