Opportunities and Happiness

As you know, I host the radio show The Philosopher’s Table on CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston. It goes live every Monday from 3-4pm where I play a set list and take a close look at the meaning behind the lyrics. This afternoon I talked about taking opportunities and the consequence when you do something about the given opportunity as well as when you dismiss the opportunity given to you.

If you want to know more and didn’t get a chance to listen to it live here is a link where you can listen to it.


Here is the set list:

  1. NFB – Terra Lightfoot
  2. Emerald Eyes – Terra Lightfoot
  3. After All – Charlotte Day Wilson
  4. The Groove is Real – Callfield
  5. Repeat Offender – Taylor Kirkwood
  6. Parables- Rebekah Higgs
  7. Tonight Tonight – The Superfantastics
  8. I Wanna Mix it – Dog Day
  9. Shapeshifters – Sam Roberts Band
  10. My Friend – Paper Lions

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