Relationships and Breakups

I have a radio show called The Philosopher’s Table that airs every Monday afternoon from 3-4pm at CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston where I play music and then take a closer look at the lyrics behind the melodic rhythms and sounds. Last weeks episode I talked about the stages of a breakup. To listen to that episode click the link below. Enjoy

Here is the set list:

  1. Dear Marie – Post Script
  2. Control – SIMCOE
  3. 45/33 – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  4. Sea Foam – Land of Talk
  5. No Worries Gonna Find Us – Plants and Animals
  6. Benefit of the Doubt – The Most Serene Republic
  7. The Birds of Finland – Conner Youngblood
  8. Weight of a Stone – Royal Wood
  9. You Gotta Feel It – Kevin Drew
  10. Lots to Learn – JP Saxe



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