Finding Your Inner Confidence

Today on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about confidence and how we find it. Us garfields of the world do not favour monday’s or mornings for that matter need a little confidence boost every now and again. That includes everyone. The early birds or night owls all have moments when we are done and need something to get us ready for the daily grind and keep us going till the end.

Here is a link to today’s show and the written set list.

  1. Tonight – Alana Yorke
  2. Sleeping Sea – Tutlie
  3. What Happened – Emilie & Ogden
  4. Lights and Gowns – Alina Libkind
  5. Warrior – Sate
  6. Don’t Ask – Amelie Patterson
  7. Higher – Bad Willow
  8. Gone to the Garden – Beach Creep
  9. Fisherman – Coco Méliès
  10. All Around – Haunted Summer
  11. Lighthouse – Coco Méliès

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