Technology vs. Humanity

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about balance regarding one’s success and having a healthy mind. Today we talked about how humans are addicted to technology and how this addiction has glued our attention to these devices. What that means is that we are missing precious moments of humanity as well as missing […]

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Rainbow of Love

Today we talked about confusion but specifically about the tragic mass shooting at the Orlando Florida gay night club called Pulse. 50 people were killed and around 53 people were injured. The confusion I felt about this event is the thought that mass shootings like this along side with the struggle for the acceptance of […]

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Positive Comfort

This past Monday we talked about the phrase “everything is going to be ok” and what that phrase means when comforting someone. Right off the bat reading that phrase gives off a positive message especially when comforting someone who is overwhelmed. Comforting someone in all sorts is a gift that we should do more often. […]

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