Positive Comfort

This past Monday we talked about the phrase “everything is going to be ok” and what that phrase means when comforting someone. Right off the bat reading that phrase gives off a positive message especially when comforting someone who is overwhelmed. Comforting someone in all sorts is a gift that we should do more often. Here are some songs that will comfort you.

Click here to listen to the full show


Here is the set list.

  1. Make Believe – Astronaut Husband
  2. Andromeda – Elephant Stone
  3. Where I Am Going – Elephant Stone
  4. Golden Lion – The Besnard Lakes
  5. Necronomicon – The Besnard Lakes
  6. To French Ave. – The Ghost is Dancing
  7. The First Night We Met – Rah Rah
  8. Experimental Friction – The Danks
  9. Planet Beach – The Danks
  10. Top To Toe – Fenne Lily
  11. Mirrors of Paradise – Kail Baxley
  12. Bones – Tim Moxam

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