Rainbow of Love

Today we talked about confusion but specifically about the tragic mass shooting at the Orlando Florida gay night club called Pulse. 50 people were killed and around 53 people were injured. The confusion I felt about this event is the thought that mass shootings like this along side with the struggle for the acceptance of people form the LGBTQ community. The main question for me was why. Why does stuff like this still happen? Love people instead of causing pain to others.

If you did not catch it on air click the audio link to listen now!

Here is the set list for today’s show

  1. Gold (Chet Faker Cover) – West Hammock
  2. Tin Paper Man – Jesse Speed
  3. Something Real (Banjo Song) – Silver Morning
  4. Light (Live Looping) – Gracie
  5. Wanderer – Matt Stern
  6. Don’t Go Gentle/Wandering – Gestures
  7. Broken Record – DB Cooper
  8. Soundcheck – Catfish and the Bottlemen
  9. Tell Me, Cancer  – Forest City Lovers
  10. Runner – Sunparlour Players

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