Take a Break; Have a Mental Health Day

Today I thought it would be nice to take a step back and take in the surroundings of everyday life. So with that said, today’s show we talked about the importance of balance and stability when it comes to your mental health. The mental side of you is still a part of you so if you need to take a break than take one. It is healthy to step back and relax for a bit. With that you regain balance and regain your happiness so you can go keep moving onwards.

Here is the audio link.


Here is the set list if you are curious about which songs were played.

  1. Jus de Boussole – Les soeurs Boulay
  2. Ton Visage – Frérot Delavega
  3. La Chanson d’Helene (ft. Eric Contona) – Sophie Hunger
  4. Un Jour – Hindi Zahra
  5. Mercury 1 – The Tourist Company
  6. Sleep – Little India
  7. Coulee (Prairie Song) – The River and The Road
  8. West Coast – Towers and Trees
  9. Montreal – Towers and Trees



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