Technology vs. Humanity

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about balance regarding one’s success and having a healthy mind. Today we talked about how humans are addicted to technology and how this addiction has glued our attention to these devices. What that means is that we are missing precious moments of humanity as well as missing the loving thought and act of calling people and properly talking to someone face to face. If you want to know more about where I took this idea click on the audio link to listen.


Here is the set list for today’s show

  1. It’s Only a Dream – Modern Space
  2. Festival Experience (live) – Modern Space
  3. Atlas – Good Kid
  4. Nomu – Good Kid
  5. Blanc Cassé – Alexandre Poulin
  6. The Torch – Augustine
  7. Time Won’t Leave Us Alone – The Dares
  8. Modern Day Gentleman – We Are Monroe
  9. Blind (Live) – Holy White Hounds
  10. Easy Money – Kennedy Cult

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