The Superhero Challenge

Today on The Philosopher’s Table we are talking about the one argument that will never die down in the comic universe and that is Superman vs Batman. As a Batman fan I will always side with the Dark Knight but I do have to give it to boy wonder because he is the super out […]

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Change: For Better, For Worse

On this hot Monday afternoon we talked about change in the sense improving once quality of life. Change can be hard but by working hard to stand up for what you believe in change can be rewarding because you worked hard to accomplish what you believed in. You made the change happen and that deserve […]

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Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about how our addiction to our electronic has changed the way we interacted with our fellow humans and survive in the real world. Today’s show we followed up with that idea and talked about one of my favourite tv series Doctor Who (2005 Reboot). We talked about […]

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