Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about how our addiction to our electronic has changed the way we interacted with our fellow humans and survive in the real world. Today’s show we followed up with that idea and talked about one of my favourite tv series Doctor Who (2005 Reboot). We talked about some of my favourite episodes, why I like the show and mentioned how The Doctor and his companions deal with ethical and moral decisions when faced with a life and death situation. To see which are two of my favourite episodes click on the audio link and enjoy!



Here is the audio playlist

  1. Earthquake – The Muscadettes
  2. Stray Cats – The Muscadettes
  3. Hanging From The Ceiling – The Velveteins
  4. New Survival – The Medicine Hat
  5. Drift – Lost Cousins
  6. Toutes Les Secondes – Bronswick
  7. To Know You – Wild Nothing
  8. Superstition Future – TOPS
  9. One – Ghostly Kisses
  10. 1 More Chance ft. Nite Jewel – Sean Nicholas Savage

Till Next Time!



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