Change: For Better, For Worse

On this hot Monday afternoon we talked about change in the sense improving once quality of life. Change can be hard but by working hard to stand up for what you believe in change can be rewarding because you worked hard to accomplish what you believed in. You made the change happen and that deserve a pat on the back. If you want to know about the details click on the audio link and here where we took today’s topic.


We played great music today with today’s topic. Here it is!

  1. Stay (Cover) – Hannah Georgas
  2. Bigger Than Lennon – Winston Hauschild
  3. Dancing with Giants– Alyssa Baker
  4. Another Way – Ken Stead
  5. Don’t Hold Out – Hannah Lucia
  6. Am I Ok ( Feat. Milk&Bone) – Rivver
  7. Deep Dark Woods – Mountains of Wolves
  8. New Glue – Kissing Party
  9. A Vain Victory – Kissing Party
  10. Birmingham – Amanda Marshall

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