Festival Culture; Floral Crowns and More

Today on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about music festivals! Hurray! Musical festivals are events where a bunch of musicians come together and play there music on festival/event ground location for fans from all over. People buy their tickets, set up their tents and walk around the festival grounds where they listen to music, eat good food and have a brilliant time. As fun as that sounds what about the style?

Musical festival style, aka festival fashion, came to mind when making this episode because when you think about it what comes to mind when you say music festival clothing wise? For me I think of a 60’s hippy such as flower crowns, crop tops, shorts, skirts, body glitter, wearing any type of get up that would make you feel like you belong. That thought made me ask this question: Are music festivals a good thing?

Want to know more? Click the audio link to see where I go with that thought process.


Liked the music you heard? Here it is!

  1. The First Ride – Don Ross
  2. I Am Lost (Live) – Andy Shaf
  3. All Eyes In The Room – Gareth Thomas
  4. Lauren – Men I Trust
  5. Morse Code ft. Geoffroy – Men I Trust
  6. Holdin’ Me Back – HAUTE
  7. Playing With Fire – The Kents
  8. I Know – The Kents
  9. Gimme Some More – Huttch
  10. Michael, Michael, Michael – Don Ross
  11. Overflow – Ghost Loft

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