The Superhero Challenge

Today on The Philosopher’s Table we are talking about the one argument that will never die down in the comic universe and that is Superman vs Batman. As a Batman fan I will always side with the Dark Knight but I do have to give it to boy wonder because he is the super out of the two due to his superpowers. Beside the fact that superman would most likely batman that is not the point I am talking about in today’s episode. What I am discussing who is the better superhero in general.

Click the link to find out more.


Here is the music with today’s episode.

  1. Summer Eyes – Midday Swim
  2. We Got The Feeling – Midday Swim
  3. Secrets (Live) – Ian Fletcher Thornley
  4. Frozen Ponds (Live) – Ian Fletcher Thornley
  5. Can’t Run Forever – Hembree
  6. Les Jeu des Accroises – Chantal Archambault
  7. Looking Simple – Ginger Ale & The Monowhales
  8. Save You – JP Hoe
  9. Road To Ruin – Captiva
  10. Batman vs. Superman; Who Would Really Win? (youtube video)
  11. Lists – MIllie & Ivor

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