Human Connection

Today (August 22nd), we talked about stereotypes and how they effect the way we interact with people as well how we think about people. I challenged the idea about how stereotypes could be a good thing. Click the audio link to find out more.   Here is the set list Bad Girl – SOULS […]

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Words are an Infinite Jesture

Today, (August 8th) on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about how we understand the meaning of a word and how that meaning affects the way we are appealed by an object or a person. I use songs lyrics and read a passage from one of my favourite books. Click the link to find out more. […]

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Back Home from WayHome

For the first Monday of August we talked about the after math of music festivals. What brought this up was two weeks ago we talked about music festivals before I went to away to WayHome. I thought it would be nice to close up that thought by discussing my thoughts after I came back home […]

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