Back Home from WayHome

For the first Monday of August we talked about the after math of music festivals. What brought this up was two weeks ago we talked about music festivals before I went to away to WayHome. I thought it would be nice to close up that thought by discussing my thoughts after I came back home from Wayhome home.

Wayhome is the music festival that happened in Oro Medonte county events grounds from July 22nd to July 24rth. They had music of most genres suchs as indie alternative, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock and roll but not country (sorry country lovers). It was the best weekend I could have asked for this summer. If you want to know why click the audio link


Here is the set lists

  1. Summer Never Ends – Anna Yvette and Laura Brehm
  2. Too Late – Joe Seul
  3. Cut Me Loose – LYON
  4. Indian Summer – LYON
  5. New Beginning – Lauren Mann
  6. Brave Face – Lauren Mann
  7. Human Again – Genevieve
  8. Silver Car Crash – Majical Cloudz
  9. Doomsday Dreams – Mara and The Marigold
  10. Patience – Milk Carton Kids

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