Are Routines a Boost to our Productivity or Slowing Us Down?

On The Philosopher’s Table we talked about routines and asked the question if they helped with our productivity or if they prevented us from living our lives as human beings. Issues that were raised about why routine schedules would be a good thing in our lives when regarding productivity and happiness and about how they also blinded us from natures surroundings. Click the link to listen to the discussion in greater detail.



Here is the music set list

  1. Beck + Call – July Talk
  2. Avalanche Billy Fox
  3. Beach Flowers – Ruby the RabbitFoot
  4. Blood Lift – Sleeper’s Reign
  5. Let Me Down Easy – Max Frost
  6. Luma – Moonriser
  7. Juste parce que j’peux – Lisa LeBlanc
  8. Y fait chaud – Lisa LeBlanc
  9. Princess – Alexandre Désilets
  10. Curse of the Bird-Women – Pang Attack
  11. I Don’t Fit In – Suburban Living

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