Finding Your Political Stance

On The Philosopher’s Table, February 2nd, we talked about the importance on finding your political stance and further talked about why it is important regarding moral foundation and self confidence. To hear more about it click the audio link below to not only hear the discussion as well as listen to some awesome music.


Liked the music? Here is the set list

  1. Mr. Optimistic Blues – Jonathan Roy
  2. Wrong Side of the Bed – The Katherines
  3. Electric Every Day – Repartee
  4. Hey Elegy – Hive Riot
  5. How Was I Suppose To Know – Le Trouble
  6. Unknown Flowers – We Are Wolves
  7. Dragon – Galaxie
  8. Baron – Galaxie
  9. Hola Les Lolos – Bernard Adamus
  10. Montreal – 40 – Malajube



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