Getting Lost in the Realm of D&D

On The Philosopher’s Table the QRPG (Queen’s Role Playing Game Club) came to the radio station and talked about D&D for an hour and let me tell you it was fun. We explored how to make characters, favourite moments, if dice have this mystical power or not and so much more. If you want to know more about D&D or want to see what else we talked about click the link below. I promise you will not be disappointed.



If you liked the music that you heard here is the music set list!.

  1. Who Own’s Noon in Sandusky? – DOOMSQUAD
  2. Just What I’ve Always Wanted – ABSTRAXION
  3. Fully Completely – LOGAN BROWN
  4. Reaching Out – THE WILDERNESS
  5. A Glorious Dawn – CARL SAGAN ft. STEPHEN HAWKING
  6. Senseless – IFH (ft. JENNI POTTS)



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