So What is D&D Anyway?

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table two representatives from Queen’s Role Playing Club and I talked about D&D or so we tried. We got a little carried away and passionate about the game that we did not fully explained the technical side of Dungeons and Dragons. I fixed that with this weeks episode where I took a step back and slowly explained the game on a more simpler and less passionate side to it. Click the link below to hear the full episode along with some sweet tunes.


If you liked what you heard here is the track list

  1. Brazil – DECLAN MCKENNA
  2. Coastline – GEOFFROY
  3. Le Sentier de Niege – SOFIA NOLIN
  4. Métamorphose – DANIEL BELANGER
  5. Faufile (CRI Remix)- CHARLOTTE CARDIN
  6. Cold Feet – O LITTLE SISTER
  7. Nighttime Hunger – OVERCOATS

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