How will the Legalization of Cannabis benefit Canadians in 2018?

Today on The Philosopher’s Table we talked about the bits and pieces of the new bill regarding the legalization of cannabis and it needs tweaking.

The bill will be active July 2018 so the Liberal Government has time to fix the bill but will that change anything? Right now, starting July 2018, cannabis can be purchased at if you are 18 years old or older. Each resident can grow up to four cannabis plants and sell it if you have the correct license and you can have up to 30 grams of dry or fresh cannabis on hand. All of that sounds fun and dandy but that is not all.

The liberal government wants to smack down on organized crime regarding cannabis as well as restrict access to cannabis from youths who are under 18. They will also be smacking down on impaired driving under the influence of cannabis.

Want to hear more? Click the audio link to listen to the full hour of The Philosopher’s Table.


Liked the music you heard? Here is the music set list for this week!

  1. Feeling – REN/GEN
  2. Jewel in the Sun – JON MCKIEL
  3. Foreever Mine – TARA BEIER
  4. Midnight Moon – ELEPHANT SKELETONS
  5. Videos – TAAPE
  6. The Fortune – TAAPE
  7. The Reel Starts Again [Man as Ostrich] – HAPPYNESS
  8. Honey & Salt – SPLASHH
  9. Little One – TIM WATSON

Till Next Week!



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