Remembering Dr. Allison Sherman

Today on The Philosopher’s Table was a special episode. It was dedicated to the wonderful Dr. Allison Sherman, the director of the Venice Summer School program and the Art History Graduate Chair at Queen’s University. She passed away yesterday due to breast cancer and as a former student of hers, among many of her students, other professors and her family will deeply miss her. She was a wonderful professor for the Art History Department and was a warming and kind friend who loved tea and enjoyed sharing her passion of art history with her fellow students and friends.

Today I shared some of my favourite memories and expressed personal reasons how Dr. Allison Sherman turned learning about art history into a moving and hilarious adventure of laughter with moments of complete awe as paintings, sculptures and architecture became treasures of pure joy.

I  will miss you Allison. You will be remembered and cherished.

If you liked the music here is the set list.

  1. Mulberry Mouse – ALAN GOGOLL
  2. Feel It Still – PORTUGAL. THE MAN
  3. Radio – RON SEXSMITH
  5. Waking Up – CLOSE TALKER
  6. Oh Sienna – FIVER
  7. Nostalgie des jours qui tombent – ARIANE MOFFATT




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