The Art of Managing Stress and Letting Go

I am in my last year in university which is a very exciting and scary thought because I will soon enter the noisy, busy life of an adult. It’s scary because I am stepping outside my comfort zone of academia and entering into a new world that I am still learning how to navigate. I […]

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This Is For You Gord

I never thought this day would come and when it did I was not prepared for it. On Wednesday October 18th, I received a message from my dad saying that the fabulous poet and brilliant mind of Gord Downie past away the night before. That message shook me to the core. I denied it and […]

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Raise Your Glass to Walter Becker

On September 5, I dedicated The Philosopher’s Table to not only talk about Queen’s University Frosh week but most importantly to talk about a unique band that I hold close to my heart. That band is called Steely Dan. I grew up listening to their songs like Deacon Blues, Dirty Work, Kid Charlemagne and many […]

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The Tables are Turning

Hey Guys! I am deeply sorry about not posting for a VERY long time. I can get forgetful when it comes to uploading an episode in addition to procrastinating about uploading an episode. For that I am truly sorry. School just started which mean it is a new start for not only new high school […]

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Technology vs. the Music Industry with Andi

Yesterday on The Philosopher’s Table I had the pleasure of talking to the lead sing of Andie about her experience working in the music industry, her album Sketches and many more. We touched on the topic of technology and music and how that changes the way artists release and create their music in order to […]

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Resistance Poetry with Tara McGowan Ross

On June 8th, I had the pleasure of talking to Tara McGowan Ross about her published book of poems which are inspired by her experience of the student riot that happened in 2015 at Concordia University. We touched on fear and acceptance near the end but if you like poetry click the audio link below. […]

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What My Mother Taught Me

On The Philosopher’s Table, I celebrated mother’s day (a little late, I know) by talking about why I love my mom and what she has taught me through her example. She taught me how to be strong and to work hard even in the darkest of places by looking after the family garden and her […]

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