What My Mother Taught Me

On The Philosopher’s Table, I celebrated mother’s day (a little late, I know) by talking about why I love my mom and what she has taught me through her example. She taught me how to be strong and to work hard even in the darkest of places by looking after the family garden and her […]

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Remembering Dr. Allison Sherman

Today on The Philosopher’s Table was a special episode. It was dedicated to the wonderful Dr. Allison Sherman, the director of the Venice Summer School program and the Art History Graduate Chair at Queen’s University. She passed away yesterday due to breast cancer and as a former student of hers, among many of her students, […]

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So What is D&D Anyway?

Last week on The Philosopher’s Table two representatives from Queen’s Role Playing Club and I talked about D&D or so we tried. We got a little carried away and passionate about the game that we did not fully explained the technical side of Dungeons and Dragons. I fixed that with this weeks episode where I […]

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